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Family Adoption Consultants (FAC) is a private, non-profit adoption and foster care agency licensed in the States of Ohio and Michigan.  More than anything else in the world, children deserve a permanent, secure and nurturing family.  Since FAC opened its doors in 1982, we have helped more than 4,500 children find their way to loving adoptive families.  The need for families is great and is even more significant when you consider that the children we serve are innocent victims in their need for the unconditional love, support and connections that only a family can provide.

FAC is a full service adoption agency, able to assist families with both domestic and international adoptions.  Families are educated and supported by experienced and trained professionals as they deal with the complexities of the adoption process, attachment difficulties and the management of special needs presented by the children placed in their homes.

FAC has established relationships with local child welfare organizations and is able to work both within our respective States, as well as throughout the United States to assist families identifying children waiting for adoption.  Additionally, our Michigan office assists children and families by providing foster care services to children in need of a safe place to live while their birth families are getting the assistance they need inorder to be able to parent effectively and safely.

Internationally, we have our own programs through both China and the Philippines.  Our administrators maintain ongoing, personal relationships with government officials and our representatives overseas.  FAC is also able to assist families interested in adoption from Korea and other Asian countries, Latin America and Eastern Europe, by coordinating services with out of State agencies.


07 Apr

Bob & Tammy

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Dear Birthparents,

First and foremost, we want you to know that our hearts go out to you.  We can only imagine how difficult this decision is.  We truly believe that making an adoption plan is the most loving and compassionate thing someone can do.  We cannot express our gratefulness to you enough.  Thank you for choosing life and taking the time to learn more about us.  We are incredibly honored for you to consider us.

We met in 2003 while “speed dating!”  We prayed that we would meet someone with the same values, beliefs and desire to start a family.  We married in 2005 on the beautiful US Virgin Island of St. Thomas.  We immediately wanted a baby–a honeymoon baby!  After some help from infertility doctors, two years and 1 day after we were married, our son Andrew was born.  We are incredibly blessed and he has brought us so much joy.  We absolutely love being parents and always wanted more children.  We went back to doctors for more “help” when Drew was 18 months old.  We though, “let’s just do what we did the last time.”  It didn’t work like we thought.  Months turned into years of hoping and praying for another baby.  It was heartbreaking and many tears were shed.  However, in all that time, we kept thinking, with the path of adoption, there is a baby!  No more going through doctors, treatments and false hope.  We truly believed with all our hearts that adoption was our hope-filled option.

Our promise to you is that your child will always feel loved and secure in our home and grow up in an environment where a reflection of love and kindness in daily living and education and exploration of the world will be greatly encouraged and supported.  You as the birthmother and birthfather will always be honored, respected and spoken of joyfully in our home.  We promise to give our unconditional love to your child and they will always know of the unconditional love you have for them.

We’ve often heard, and now understand–and agree–that being good parents are among the hardest jobs in the world.  There are no “days off” and there are good days and bad days…but at the end of each day, we know that we are molding, forming and building a foundation for a strong, bright and promising future.  By sharing our love, encouraging their curiosity of the world, and guiding them towards the right path, we can make a difference in the life of your child.

May God give you peace and serenity throughout this journey and in making your decision.

Our most sincere and warmest regards,

Tammy and Bob

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