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Family Adoption Consultants (FAC) is a private, non-profit adoption and foster care agency licensed in the States of Ohio and Michigan.  More than anything else in the world, children deserve a permanent, secure and nurturing family.  Since FAC opened its doors in 1982, we have helped more than 4,500 children find their way to loving adoptive families.  The need for families is great and is even more significant when you consider that the children we serve are innocent victims in their need for the unconditional love, support and connections that only a family can provide.

FAC is a full service adoption agency, able to assist families with both domestic and international adoptions.  Families are educated and supported by experienced and trained professionals as they deal with the complexities of the adoption process, attachment difficulties and the management of special needs presented by the children placed in their homes.

FAC has established relationships with local child welfare organizations and is able to work both within our respective States, as well as throughout the United States to assist families identifying children waiting for adoption.  Additionally, our Michigan office assists children and families by providing foster care services to children in need of a safe place to live while their birth families are getting the assistance they need inorder to be able to parent effectively and safely.

Internationally, we have our own programs through both China and the Philippines.  Our administrators maintain ongoing, personal relationships with government officials and our representatives overseas.  FAC is also able to assist families interested in adoption from Korea and other Asian countries, Latin America and Eastern Europe, by coordinating services with out of State agencies.


FAC Staff

FAC Staff


Dear birthparent(s),


Our names are Dave and Jen.  We have known since very early in our relationship that we wanted to have a large family to share our life with, but were unable to conceive.  After much consideration, adoption seemed like the option we were looking for.  We are so excited at the possibility of adoption and believe it is our destiny. 


About Dave by Jen- Dave and I met while he was finishing up his training as a pediatrician in the unit I work as a nurse.  His gentle and easy-going manner he shared with the children, and the families we care for, is what drew me to him.  Dave is a best friend to me, and a mentor to his stepdaughters.  He has a heart of gold and makes a phenomenal father. 


About Jen by Dave- Jen is a wonderful wife, nurse, and mother to her two daughters.  Jen volunteers her nursing skills through our church and community, helping children with varying medical needs.  She is a constant inspiration to me, providing an example of how I should be living. 



We understand what an incredibly trying time this must be in your life, and we hope you will consider us as a partner in this journey. 




Thank you for your time,


Dave and Jen 



Our names are Dave and Mandy and we are very honored that you are taking the time to read about us. We have been happily married for sixteen years and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt a baby. While we cannot imagine how difficult this process and decision is for you, we would like to express that we respect your consideration for providing this opportunity for your child.

We met in 1996 after graduating high school.  Dave lived around the corner from myolder sister and I would see him out mowing the lawn when taking my niece and nephew to the park. We started talking and three years later were married.  We honestly do not have a great love story to tell nor was there a whirlwind love affair. We just seemed to fit together and everyday life together was simple. Dave likes to say that we do a great job of balancing each other strengths and weaknesses.Our immediate family consists of two amazingly lovable Labrador Retrievers that mean the world to us, Bear and Cara.  Both sweet girls that keep us on our toes.  Almost all of our brothers, sisters, parents, nieces, and nephews live nearby which makes it easy to get together with them as often as possible. 

We have a three-bedroom, two-story home in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs that is near parks and the local elementary school. Our backyard is protected with a privacy fence, has a garage, and a small garden in the back for a few fruits and vegetables. Mandy has a love of roses she got from her dad and has many rose bushes throughout the yard. A few years ago we planted a small tree in the middle of the yard which is finally getting big enough to add a little shade that the dogs love to lay in. We also recently added a large deck to the back of the house which is covered with a gazebo to relax under. The front of the house is lined with flower beds which add lots of color in the spring and summer months.

In the summer we like to spend time camping and fishing at every opportunity we can get away, but most summers we are able to escape at least three or four times and hope to share our love of the outdoors with kids. Dave enjoys playing hockey every week during the winter and enjoys golfing when warm enough (he says it’s relaxing).  Mandy enjoys taking the dogs out for long walks, quilting, cheering Dave on at his hockey games, and is hoping to learn to golf this spring so that she can see what all the fuss is about. Mandy also loves taking trips to the Zoo in the summer and spends so much time there she has her own membership.

Dave works full time as a Technology Consultant guiding organizations on how they can improve the security of their customer’s information.  Mandy is currently a Full-Time student working towards a degree in Accounting.  She takes several of her classes online allowing her the flexibility to work from home while Dave is at work.

Our desire is to have the opportunity to expressall of the love we share with a child, while also providing the encouragement and support that will allow them to grow and succeed.

Thank you again for taking this time to learn about us.


Dave and Mandy

Dear Birthmother,


Thank you for taking the time to read a little into our lives.

We wanted to take a little time to tell you about our life together and who we are as a family.

We’ve been committed to each other for the past 6 years. This past August, we were married in front of our closest friends and family. It was a beautiful ceremony and event filled with much love, love that will be extended to your child if you were to choose us to be the adoptive parents.

We have dreamt of having a family of our own for quite a long time. We have a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, with lots of children and friendly neighbors and an amazing school system. We both have very flexible jobs that will allow us to raise a child with little help of daycare. Between the both of us, we have a very large family that is anxiously waiting for us to have the opportunity to be parents. With your help, the dream we have of becoming parents will become a reality.

Your bravery is so admirable. The difficult decision you have made is such a blessing, not only for your baby, but for people like us. You have chosen life, which can be the hardest thing to do. We are very thankful that you are thinking about letting us make that journey with your child. We will love, support, educate, and be the best parents any child could have. That is no joke or cliché. For a long time, we’ve discussed how we were raised and how we would want to raise a child. It’s incredible how far we are willing go through this journey we call life. Your child will know nothing but LOVE.

We are open books. You can ask us anything. We will do the same with any questions your child will have. Trust and honesty are very important in our lives. Your child will be able to come to us with their hopes, dreams, concerns, worries or anything. We will be there regardless. We will answer those tough questions, we will show them they are unconditionally loved and they will know that there is nothing they can’t accomplish without our support.  We will always strive to be the best parents. Nothing is too big or too small that we can’t accomplish together, as a family.

We know that it’s difficult to judge someone simply by a written letter.  But we want you to know that if you make the decision to let us raise your child as our own, we will always be grateful for the opportunity you have given to us and never take that opportunity for granted.  Between all of us, our child’s adoption story will be one of love.  We will always share the story of how their mother (and their father, with your permission) loved them so much that they wanted the best life for them and how they chose us to have that special privilege. 

Thank you again for reading our letter or even considering us to be parents.

We wish you happiness, love, success and many blessings!

Thank You!

Mike and Nick

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Our names are Kerri and Brian. We both knew early on in our relationship that we would go through the adoption process and cannot wait to start a family of our own. (From Kerri)- I knew from the beginning there was something very special and amazing about Brian and how he valued the people and relationships in his life. 5 ½ years later, I thank God every day how lucky I am to call him my husband and the future father to our children.From(Brian)- Right when I met Kerri, I fell in love with her positive attitude and dedication to her family.

I know that with both of those traits as part of her personality, she will be an excellent mother. We hope to bring a child into a household where they feel appreciated, happy, inspired, and will always continue to strive to achieve all they want out of their lives.Please know that we are forever grateful for you and the gift of your child.

For you are and will always be The Birth Mother.


Our website utilizes a brand new exciting platform, with an incredible framework. Our website is now better, more vibrant, more informative, more interactive and works across all devices. Including desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices. Now anyone with an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet can access Family Adoption Consultants 24 hours a day.

Dear Birthparents,

First and foremost, we want you to know that our hearts go out to you.  We can only imagine how difficult this decision is.  We truly believe that making an adoption plan is the most loving and compassionate thing someone can do.  We cannot express our gratefulness to you enough.  Thank you for choosing life and taking the time to learn more about us.  We are incredibly honored for you to consider us.

We met in 2003 while “speed dating!”  We prayed that we would meet someone with the same values, beliefs and desire to start a family.  We married in 2005 on the beautiful US Virgin Island of St. Thomas.  We immediately wanted a baby–a honeymoon baby!  After some help from infertility doctors, two years and 1 day after we were married, our son Andrew was born.  We are incredibly blessed and he has brought us so much joy.  We absolutely love being parents and always wanted more children.  We went back to doctors for more “help” when Drew was 18 months old.  We though, “let’s just do what we did the last time.”  It didn’t work like we thought.  Months turned into years of hoping and praying for another baby.  It was heartbreaking and many tears were shed.  However, in all that time, we kept thinking, with the path of adoption, there is a baby!  No more going through doctors, treatments and false hope.  We truly believed with all our hearts that adoption was our hope-filled option.

Our promise to you is that your child will always feel loved and secure in our home and grow up in an environment where a reflection of love and kindness in daily living and education and exploration of the world will be greatly encouraged and supported.  You as the birthmother and birthfather will always be honored, respected and spoken of joyfully in our home.  We promise to give our unconditional love to your child and they will always know of the unconditional love you have for them.

We’ve often heard, and now understand–and agree–that being good parents are among the hardest jobs in the world.  There are no “days off” and there are good days and bad days…but at the end of each day, we know that we are molding, forming and building a foundation for a strong, bright and promising future.  By sharing our love, encouraging their curiosity of the world, and guiding them towards the right path, we can make a difference in the life of your child.

May God give you peace and serenity throughout this journey and in making your decision.

Our most sincere and warmest regards,

Tammy and Bob

Thank you for wanting to learn more about our family. Meghan is an elementary school principal and John owns a real estate property management company.

What Meghan says about John:

There are many qualities that I love about John.  He is caring, confident and engaging.  As a couple, we balance each other out.  More than anything, John is committed to his family.  He values family and is a wonderful father.  John is passionate about his family and works hard to make us proud of him.  I love this about John.

What John says about Meghan:

We met at a party my brother was hosting.  I was immediately attracted to Meghan’s engaging personality, confidence and how genuine she was.  I felt a comfort level with her after a few hours that I’d never felt with anyone before.  I konw the night I met Meghan she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Joseph Donald is named after both of his grandfathers.  He is an active 4 year old who loves to swim, fish, explore, build puzzles, read books, help in the kitchen, build things and play almost any sport.  He is full of love, curious about the world around him and is going to be a great big brother.

We respect the courage it takes to give your baby the gift of life and the selflessness in pursuing adoption.  We know that your decision to consider adoption has to be very difficult. We understand that you love this child and have the best wishes for a stable, secure and fulfilling life for this child–one that is part of a loving family.

We honor your decision, appreciate your sacrifice and hope that we make you proud of the way we raise your child.  Our extended family includes a history of adoption so please rest assured that this child will be raised in a nurturing family.  Our unconditional love has prepared us to welcome a new child into our family.

Our family is prepared and committed to providing your child with lots of love and a strong family environment to support them as they grow.


John, Meghan and Joseph

We are Shawn and Kate and are extremely excited that you want to know more about us.  We have wanted children since we were married, but after trying to get pregnant and exploring our options, we came to agree that adoption is our best option.  The nursery is ready and waiting for the baby that we’ve dreamed of.

About Shawn–by Kate:

For me, I knew by the end of the first date that Shawn was the one!  His big, brown eyes give me goosebumps every time he looks at me.  Shawn loves learning new things and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.  Shawn is very logical and I am very creative, which is why it works well. Shawn has a huge heart which he has no problem sharing with others.  He is always the first person to volunteer to help others in need, whether it be a close friend or building a house for Habitat for Humanity. His smile and laugh are contagious and his ability to make me laugh and smile no matter what kind of mood I’m in is one of the qualities that simply amaze me.

About Kate–by Shawn:

Kate was born in Cincinnati and was adopted shortly after birth and grew up only 20 minutes away from me.  It’s hard to believe our paths never crossed!  Once Kate caught my eye and I met her in person, I realized that for the first time, my search may be over.  Kate always amazes me with her different creative projects and her knack of finding just the perfect gift for someone.  She too, can make me laugh–though sometimes it’s because of some predicament she’s gotten herself into.  It’s great to have such a partner to go through life with.  We can’t wait to be raising a child together.

We both have wonderful, supportive families who cannot wait to meet our child.  We have a HUGE support system of friends who have known us since the beginning of our relationship.  They are ecstatic that we have chosen to become parents.

We want to thank you for wanting to learn about us.  We know that we will never understand the difficult decisions that you have made and have yet to make, but want you to know that we pray for you every morning and evening.  Please know that we are forever grateful for you, for you are and will always be The Birth Mother.

Dear First Mom,

Hello, our names are Brian and Larena.  We have two boys, Zachary and Parker.  When Parker was born we were advised not to have more children due to medical problems associated with pregnancy.  After lots of prayer and soul searching we decided that we would like to add to our family through adoption.  God has blessed us with two beautiful children and we are excited for the blessings another child will bring to our family.  Our boys are also excited and can’t stop talking about how they will help take care of the baby!  We would like you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts.  No matter how much or how little contact you have with us, your child will know that you are her First Mom and that you love her very much.

Thank you for your time,

Brian and Larena


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