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Family Adoption Consultants (FAC) is a private, non-profit adoption and foster care agency licensed in the States of Ohio and Michigan.  More than anything else in the world, children deserve a permanent, secure and nurturing family.  Since FAC opened its doors in 1982, we have helped more than 4,500 children find their way to loving adoptive families.  The need for families is great and is even more significant when you consider that the children we serve are innocent victims in their need for the unconditional love, support and connections that only a family can provide.

FAC is a full service adoption agency, able to assist families with both domestic and international adoptions.  Families are educated and supported by experienced and trained professionals as they deal with the complexities of the adoption process, attachment difficulties and the management of special needs presented by the children placed in their homes.

FAC has established relationships with local child welfare organizations and is able to work both within our respective States, as well as throughout the United States to assist families identifying children waiting for adoption.  Additionally, our Michigan office assists children and families by providing foster care services to children in need of a safe place to live while their birth families are getting the assistance they need inorder to be able to parent effectively and safely.

Internationally, we have our own programs through both China and the Philippines.  Our administrators maintain ongoing, personal relationships with government officials and our representatives overseas.  FAC is also able to assist families interested in adoption from Korea and other Asian countries, Latin America and Eastern Europe, by coordinating services with out of State agencies.


Information Packet

We are very pleased that you are interested in learning about Family Adoption Consultants. The process for obtaining information about the agency and its programs has changed. FAC is pleased to announce the launch of a new software program called My Adoption Portal (MAPS). Information about the adoption process and access to documents and forms necessary to work with FAC will be available in one place. Adoptive families will be able to complete and submit all required paperwork and track their progress through this software program. MAPS will also allow you to post payments online and print statements of what has been paid on your account.

Upon completing the Inquiry form, you will be directed to MyAdoptionPortal.com where you can access information on FAC programs, policies and procedures. If/when you are ready to begin working with FAC to adopt through one of our programs, or to complete a home study if you are working with another placement resource, you will be provided with information on how to access and submit FAC’s Preliminary Application. The $250 application fee can be submitted online or mailed to the office you will be working with (Michigan or Ohio). Preliminary applications will be reviewed within 3-5 business days of receipt and you will receive notification on how to initiate the next step in the process through myadoptionportal.com. At the point you are ready to review and submit the formal application, you will receive information regarding the $150.00 Technology fee (paid directly to MyAdoptionPortal.com). This is a one-time fee for all of the conveniences of using MAPS throughout your adoption process.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call either office: 586-726-2988 (MI) or 330-296-2757 (OH) or email Michelle Para in Michigan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Julie Hocevar in Ohio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to working with you.

Info Packet

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Info Packet
Ohio Guide

Ohio Adoption

A handbook for prospective adoptive families in Ohio.
Ohio Guide


The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting entity designated by the US Department of State to provide Hague Accreditation and Approval, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague Accreditation, Approval or Renewal. You are invited to provide comments through COA’s website at:

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